Well, it’s official: The EPP Party’s new leader is Donald Tusk.

Well, it’s official:  The EPP Party’s new leader is Donald Tusk.

Well, it’s official: The EPP Party’s new leader is Donald Tusk.

Tusk is an ardent opponent of both the PiS of Poland and Matteo Salvini of Italy. He would rather embrace the Socialists, Macron’s Renew Europe federalists and the Greens.

Tusk, armed with the usual EU slogans, vowed to fight against “political populists, manipulators and autocrats… Let us all stand together on this most important political battlefield, on one side parties of irresponsible populism, on the other, our party of responsible popularity.”

Referring to Angela Merkel’s hard work regarding migration, Tusk added, “Someone… also worked hard, but only on his narrative and self-creation, putting up a fence and billboards with anti-migration propaganda,” obviously taking a swipe at Viktor Orban.

– It looks like the EPP is reaching for the bottom; Tusk was a loyal servant of Juncker in the outgoing EU Commission. This is not change. From one EU opportunist (Manfred Weber) to another (Tusk), the EPP is a party headed in the wrong direction.

Of course, the V4 Report saw this years ago and never embraced the party of Merkel, Juncker, Tusk and Plenkovic.

Here’s what we had to say weeks ago before the final nail on the coffin:

* This is Brussels opportunist Donald Tusk the favorite to lead the EPP Party, which lost its Soul some time ago.

Since the V4 Report’s inception, we have never bought into the EPP Party of Angela Merkel and Joseph Daul. Like the CSU in Germany, we believe they are part of the problem and an obstacle for real change.

EPP leaders, especially from Germany, have regularly attacked the PiS government in Poland and may be preparing Tusk to run for president of Poland next year as well (he saw the polls and later declined).

They also refuse to work with Matteo Salvini, instead preferring Socialists, liberals or even Greens.

– While he has not confirmed that he would run, Tusk told the French media that leading the EPP would not stop him from “full engagement in Polish issues.”

“Many leaders of the parties that make up the EPP encouraged me to run for the presidency. It’ll be decided in November,” Tusk told the French media.

– The next EPP president will be instrumental in making the final decision about the membership of Hungary’s ruling party, Fidesz, which was suspended from the bloc in March.

During the last EPP congress in Helsinki, Tusk harshly criticised the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán and his party, stressing that “no one has the right, at least in our political family, to attack liberal democracy and its foundations.”

“If you are against the rule of law and independent judiciary, you are not a Christian Democrat. If you don’t like the free press and the NGOs, if you tolerate xenophobia, homophobia, nationalism and antisemitism, you are not a Christian Democrat.”

Typical Tusk, unjustly slandering another to try to elevate his own status. After Merkel and the current EPP leadership poisoned the very definition of a Christian Democrat, many don’t recognize what it even stands for anymore.

* The V4 Report voiced our strong opposition years ago to the EPP Party, which has chosen to work with Macron, the Socialists and even Greens, while isolating and blackballing Matteo Salvini and the right in Europe.

We remain convinced that Orban and Fidesz must exit the EPP, which has clearly moved left to embrace other EU federalists and socialists to expand the power and scope of Brussels.

The EPP is Berlin’s Party but is quickly losing its identity. They have no Soul and stand for little, except for retaining their seats of power at the table.

The future for the centre-right in Europe and Fidesz must be with the PiS of Poland in the ECR Group in order to build a true centre-right force willing to work with Salvini’s group on the right.

Emmanuel Macron was once dead, but was only able to reestablish himself by merging with ALDE…and, amazingly, receiving little opposition to his plans at the EU Summit.

Today, it is the right and Fidesz that must embrace change in order to move forward.

Mr. Orban…the PiS and Salvini are calling on you. Not only would this be a major blow to the EPP, but it would represent a victory for the ECR Group and would provide them much needed energy to revive the defenders of the nation state in Europe.

Others will soon follow. Onwards!