What madness (HDZ) has taken over Croatia? Has Croatia become a “satellite state” of Berlin and Brussels?

What madness (HDZ) has taken over Croatia?  Has Croatia become a “satellite state” of Berlin and Brussels?

What madness (HDZ) has taken over Croatia? Has Croatia become a “satellite state” of Berlin and Brussels?

We have now learned why the President said she will not be signing anything In Morocco: The Plenkovic Regime (HDZ) has already given the EU the authority to decide its position on the UN Migration Compact.

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* In a pathetic drama that few understand, a few days ago, the President offered that she would not go to Morocco to sign the Compact. However, this was all a theatre…the Plenkovic government had already ‘given the EU the authority’ to decide with one vote on that document.

In that sense, Croatia has already agreed to the UN Migration Manifesto. (Please refer to linked article below.)

This is an outrage, but fits a similar pattern we see in both the CSU Party in Germany and the EPP Party in Brussels.

The HDZ in Croatia is not a center-right party but a mere tool of Brussels and Berlin. Like the old OVP establishment in Austria (pre-Kurz, FPO), Plenkovic’s HDZ is a rubber stamp for Germany – while they enjoy their positions of power and the acceptance of the royal class in Brussels.

Plenkovic and the HDZ represent the biggest obstacle to change and are pushing Croatia to embrace the EU Core of France, Germany, Sweden and Belgium. But the culture of Croatia is Central Europe and Visegrad, not the multicult “NoGoZones” of Paris.

** It is clear and obvious where the leaders of Hungary, USA, Austria and Poland stand on this pact. Even in Germany, Angela Merkel is direct in her support of the UN Compact.

As far as Croatia, this is a different plot that is hard to decipher at this point. It’s now a mystery of Kolinda theatre.

The Croatian people are very strong but their politicians are now running scared and nervous as the word gets out on this UN Compact. They already sold out Croatia earlier this year when they adopted the Istanbul Convention (boys learn to be like girls, etc), despite the large protests of Croatians.

The Plenkovic regime seems intent on adopting this UN global initiative too, but its weak politicians are either intentionally staying quiet, offering vague statements or publicly announcing that they will not be responsible for it (Kolinda yesterday). Hence, the confusing and baffling rhetoric.

We still are trying to find out the details and the motives of the President. The V4 Report has no qualms taking responsibility for our lack of caution regarding the President’s clumsy statement.

For instance, when the President of Croatia answered that she would not sign the agreement in Morocco, we should have paused, especially considering our very negative view and lack of trust regarding the current government.

What exactly did her statement mean? Apparently nothing, which some in our audience, to their credit, were quick to point out.

We are still baffled regarding the situation in Croatia, but for now, considering Plenkovic does as commanded by Brussels, we will assume that Croatia will ratify (if they haven’t already, which is also not clear) the UN Migration Compact.

One thing is certain. Croatia needs to exile Andrej Plenkovic to where he belongs…Brussels. He is the Donald Tusk of Croatia and has shown absolutely no ability to think outside of the EU box in order to put the best interests of his country first.

We are also beginning to see the President may be more show than substance. Why all the drama and theatre instead of straight answers?

In our opinion, the current government wants to please the UN and Brussels as quietly as possible, hoping to avoid a rigorous public debate on the Compact, which is typical of Plenkovic’s style.

🇭🇷 Premijer Plenković, Vlada Republike Hrvatske te samim time i Ministarstvo vanjskih poslova su spremni predati…

Posted by Defend Croatia on Friday, November 2, 2018