What Merkel EU can learn from Eisenhower on deportation

What Merkel EU can learn from Eisenhower on deportation

Angela Merkel, the EU, and Jean-Claude Juncker need to be challenged on the false claim that borders cannot be sealed and migrants cannot be stopped.  With will backed by fortitude, they can and one example comes from  a man of courage who actually helped save Europe…Dwight Eisenhower.

In the 50’s, when Eisenhower was president, the US was in the midst of an invasion of over 1 million illegal migrants from Mexico.  Of course, all kinds of characters looking for cheap labor (German exporters of today?) exploited them and helped them navigate their way here (today’s smugglers in Turkey?).  But Eisenhower –who certainly makes Merkel, Juncker, and the EU look like school boys — had the will and courage to act.

Eisenhower only had 750-1000 agents at his disposal but quickly found and deported 400,000 migrants back to Mexico in Jeeps, cars, buses, planes…presumedly without play stations.  He did not give the Mexican government a “choice” of accepting their migrants back.  The trip back was not pleasant and word spread quickly back then too. So effective was Ike’s message that another 600,000 migrants did not wait around and self-deported. There was no Facebook, which tells me Angela, that attitude and fortitude mean much more than smartphones in this fight.

No more excuses or outsourcing their responsibilities to Erdogan and Turkey; if the EU has any self respect, they can secure the borders and deport the migrants within six months.  It won’t be pretty, it won’t bring roses from the international press, the UN, or Pussy Riot, but it will save Europe and its citizens.

As always in life, one either exercises his authority to control events or ends up captive to the actions and events of others.  Here’s to you Dwight Eisenhower, one of the greatest foreign policy presidents in America’s history.