When does Europe hold a summit on deporting the migrants outside of Europe?

When does Europe hold a summit on deporting the migrants outside of Europe?

When does Europe hold a summit on deporting the migrants outside of Europe?

It is an absolute must; this cannot continue.

Yet, few seem willing to push the issue as aggressive male migrants from alien cultures continue to flood Europe.

Germany, again, failed to stand-up to do the right thing when it mattered; instead hiding behind the 🇩🇪🇪🇺 flag of “cowardice masquerading as tolerance”.

Now, as a weak von der Leyen Commission entrusts a multicult radical from Sweden regarding migration, foreign nations are increasingly refusing to take back its citizens.

Amazingly, even in the face of this virus, many in the West EU bloc cannot muster the courage to send back the Afghans (and others) even without the consent of the home countries. This is weak and embarrassing…but many in the EU also use this as a lame excuse to hide their own Multicult intentions.

Is Europe stuck with the aggressive male migrants from Afganistan, Pakistan and parts of Africa? Is Soros and his mercenaries winning the long-term battle to commit the EU to mass migration by overwhelming Europe into submission?

And the EU wants to add Albania and Kosovo, two heavily Muslim states? What a disaster…but Turkey will be happy.

– An MP is calling for any migrants coming into Kent to be taken straight into quarantine for 14 days – as up to 100 migrants wearing facemasks were caught trying to cross the English Channel.

Dover and Deal MP Natalie Elphicke called for the action after Border Force officers detained and tested around 84 migrants for coronavirus after intercepting their boats off the Kent coast.

She also said it is ‘not right’ that migrants are reportedly being tested for COVID-19 using British resources – which she believes should instead go to frontline workers.

Ms Elphicke said: ‘It’s vital the Home Office and the French authorities take immediate action to stop these illegal crossings. If people break into the country illegally, whether by small boats or lorries, they should be immediately quarantined for 14 days for the protection of our community and our country.”

“There have been reports that illegal migrants are being tested on arrival and then released to the immigration authorities. If so, that’s simply not right. We have a serious shortage of testing kits for frontline nurses and doctors and other key health workers.”

“There is a national need to prioritise and that’s where the testing resources need to go – not on testing illegal entrants. Illegal entrants must be placed into quarantine for 14 days.”

‘The Port of Dover, the ferry companies, lorry drivers and other local workers are a key part of the vital supply line of food, medicine and goods. These illegal crossings cannot be allowed to put any part of our national operation at risk.”

“Now more than ever, we need to put a stop to these illegal crossings across the English Channel. We must protect the nation. We need to be fully focused on beating the virus at this time.”

* Europe’s deportation crisis started long before the virus, and its failures to deport migrants outside of Europe was a colossal mistake. Europe was foolish to grant entry without realizing the migrants were not about to leave on their own. Now, in order to survive, Europe must forcefully deport the illegals back to their countries of origin…whether the host country agrees or not.

What is the other choice? Resettlement?