Who controls PM Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic? 

Who controls PM Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic? 

Who controls PM Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic? 


Does he speak with one voice to Czechs at home while singing a different tune to his Renew Europe allies in Brussels?


Who believes he would be a “troublemaker” for opposing a plan not in the best interests of the Czech Republic?  Czechs or Belgium’s Guy Verhofstadt? 


His latest shameful theatrics surrounding the EU recovery plan raises many questions about the leverage the EU and others hold over him.  


In mid June, the EU Commission crafted a 750 billion-euro Recovery Plan (a big money grab with many strings attached) that for the first time would grant the EU Commission power to borrow the money on financial markets, thereby mutualizing debt and increasing the power of Brussels. 


Of course another controversial issue was involved, tying a ‘rule of law’ provision to the funds.  This type of political tool to blackmail the nation states into submission would have a lasting and damaging impact on Visegrad and all the nation states.  


In Vera Jourova, we trust?👇




Initially Babis led the charge against the plan, signaling that it was a terrible plan for Czechs, the citizens he is supposed to represent.


“These conditions are absolutely unacceptable for us,” Babis declared.


“They reward EU members with high unemployment and penalise fiscally disciplined EU member states with a low unemployment rate,” he said. “This would put us at a great disadvantage.”


He is correct, as other countries such as Romania gleefully reach for the cookie jar.  However, Babis went much deeper than others in his opposition. Czech government officials said Babis’s objections were not only economic. Babis was also worried, they said, about the power being vested in Brussels, taking the EU closer to a shared budget and central government.


The V4 Report believed it was very important to take this issue into account…the huge amount of power being vested in Brussels and the drive towards EU federalism.  Babis seemed ripe to put up a fight.


At the time, the V4 Report wrote:  “Of course, Guy Verhofstadt will not be happy with the response from his fellow Renew Europe member, but then again, Verhofstadt could care less about the Czech Republic or any ‘nation state’ for that matter.” 🤔


But fast forward to today and Babis is now saying he will support the plan because “he does not want to be a trouble maker”.


Who beat-down Babis?  What leverage does the EU have on Babis and how are they using it (remember Robert Fico)?  


Who convinced Babis to surrender his duty to defend the interests of Czechs?  This was quite the retreat.  We believe pressure has been placed on Babis by both Guy Verhofstadt and Emmanuel Macron.


It’s happened before.  How else does one think a shallow and unqualified Vera Jourova became an EU Commissioner?