Who is the EU’s ‘crazy uncle’? (Or should that be plural.)

Who is the EU’s ‘crazy uncle’? (Or should that be plural.)

Who is the EU’s ‘crazy uncle’? (Or should that be plural.)

– ARCH-europhile and EU federalist Guy Verhofstadt has once again renewed his demand for a United States of Europe, saying such a development would be a “historic leap forward”.

Tweeting a picture of the cover of his 2005 book, and commenting: “15 years ago, I wrote The United States of Europe – calling for a Hamilton moment in European politics so that Europe can finance itself properly and can be more than the sum of its parts.”

This was in reference to a proposal by France and Germany to create a £500billion rescue fund to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic: “Hopefully, the Macron-Merkel proposal will deliver this historic leap forward.”

* While Verhofstadt may be obnoxious, at least he is open and honest about his views. One knows exactly what their up against.

This cannot be said for others, most notably the charlatans (with the exception of the members from Hungary and Slovenia) led by Manfred Weber, Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk of the EPP Party.

Based on the EPP group’s tweets and desire to expand the scope and power of Brussels, we find little difference between the EPP and Macron’s Renew Europe other than the speed at which they wish to arrive at their ultimate destination.