Who will decide for Poland?

Who will decide for Poland?

Who will decide for Poland?

The national government elected by Poles or some obscure, appointed EU opportunist who believes “open society values are at the heart of EU action”?

EU Commissioner Vera Jourova (CZ) is a mini-Frans Timmermans (both are leftovers from the Juncker regime) and has once again been directed to attack the integrity and sovereignty of Poland.

* Poland and Hungary can thank Renew Europe’s Andrej Babis for her appointment. What a wasted opportunity by Babis.

This battle, one among many, has many far-ranging implications for the nation states of Europe, including Hungary, which is engaged in its own conflicts with Jourova and the EU Commission.

The PiS of Poland has no other choice but to defy the Commission. This is a national issue and any infringements placed on it by the EU Commission would be major interference into the internal affairs of Poland.

It would also set a dangerous precedent for the future that would only encourage Brussels to be more aggressive in its political attacks on the nation states.

– Jourova, who is not very deep, claimed that Poland’s overhaul of its judiciary constitutes “destruction” not reform.

“This is no longer a targeted intervention against individual black sheep, similar to other EU member states, but a case of carpet bombing,” Jourova told German weekly magazine Der Spiegel. “This is no reform, it’s destruction.”

Her comments came as thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal in Warsaw to support the reforms, arguing they are necessary to protect Poland’s sovereignty.

Protesters carried Polish flags and placards saying “EU’s politicians, hands off Polish courts” and “We support the reform of courts.”

PiS says the reforms will make the court system more efficient and root out the leftovers of communism. Poland’s President Andrzej Duda signed the most recent changes into law this week.

Jourova said the Commission was scrutinizing the new law and keeping all legal options open. Legal options? Is the Commission about to shoot out it’s own eyes again?

** The von der Leyen team will now “scrutinize” laws of nation states to push a political agenda. It is no secret that Brussels wants the PiS to be replaced in Poland…just ask Donald Tusk.

Yet, Brussels will not stop with Hungary and Poland either; the Eurocrats have an insatiable thirst for power and will use this intimidation campaign against others.

Who will be the next target for this EU Inquisition?

It’s better to slay the beast right now…instead of allowing it to grow into an unstoppable force that sucks the heart and soul right out of the nation states.