“They will pay for it”. A firm response from PiS deputy Dominik Tarczyński to the EC decision on Poland to launch Article 7.

“They will pay for it”. A firm response from PiS deputy Dominik Tarczyński to the EC decision on Poland to launch Article 7.

“They will pay for it”. A firm response from PiS deputy Dominik Tarczyński to the EC decision on Poland to launch Article 7.

The V4 Report believes all CEE nation states must support Poland. In the future, they may find themselves the next targets of Brussels.

The EU Commission will send a request to the EU countries to recognize Poland as a country in which there is “a clear risk of serious threats to the rule of law”. European Commission Frans Timmermans stressed that he realizes that it will be commented on as an attack on Poland; he remarked, however, that the EC “is ready for dialogue with Poland all the time”.

Dialogue? Timmermans really means “submission”.

Who better to answer Timmermans than the brilliant and articulate Deputy Dominik Tarczyński, whose words are published by wp.pl and translated to the best of our abilities to English. We ask our Polish readers to help with the translation; it was difficult.

– Tarczyński has no doubt that the EC decision is “revenge for the lack of PiS’s consent to the admission of illegal Muslim immigrants to Poland”. There is also no illusions about the announced possibility of imposing sanctions on Poland.

They perfectly know that there is no formal possibility that any sanctions will be introduced. It is unrealistic for 22 countries to support this decision in the first stage, then to be supported by 2/3 of parliamentarians. However, most importantly, there must be unanimity at the prime minister’s meeting. And Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria have said many times that there will be no consent – said Tarczyński. (Indeed, we will repost the Czech government’s response from a few months ago. Despite EU Minister Vera Jourova’s “shallow” and predictable thoughts, the Czechs had indicated they would vote against the measure.)

In his opinion, the EC decision is “only a PR service”.

The PiS government will defend Poland’s honor and sovereignty provided for by treaties. We have the right to create, as other countries, our own formal and legal solutions. The Eurocrats want to show that Poland is an “ugly duckling”. And this is not true – Poland is a leader when it comes to economic results.

– In an interview with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Tarczyński also referred to the opposition’s comments, which accused the ruling party of being responsible for the decision of the European Commission. Borys Budka (PO) stated that “their behavior is at odds with the Polish raison d’état” and “they will suffer consequences for it before the Tribunal of State”.

“We will not be responsible to the Court. I am waiting for the return of Donald Tusk. It was he who made the atmosphere of hatred against the EU against Poland. It was PO deputies who denounced Poland to Brussels. Their political sales will affect them. They are selling political careerists. They will pay for this during the elections to the European Parliament” – says Tarczyński.

**** Tarczyński and Poland are certainly strong enough to handle Brussels. However, we would advise the other CEE nation states to support Poland. After Poland and Hungary, they will be the next targets of Brussels. (Any one who doubts this may want to read the new migrant manifesto put forth by Dimitrus Avramopoulos yesterday; it is truly a nightmare.)

The Ministers of Brussels must be sent a message to “back off”. Onward V4! Stay strong and united.