Winter at the borders of Europe: same old story over and over again

Winter at the borders of Europe: same old story over and over again

Winter at the borders of Europe. It’s the same old story over and over again.

The linked source below was written by an open-border activist, but she is right about one thing: it’s the same old story every year and nothing seems to change.

Obviously, the V4 Report disagrees with her solutions that these illegals, overwhelmingly healthy young males, should be granted entry into the EU.

This sends the wrong message and just lures more illegals to Europe. Why? Think about it. Over the past several years, hundreds of thousands HAVE indeed successfully entered the EU from the Balkans. No doubt, many other illegals see this as a precedent; thus, the constant revolving door and annual callings for the EU to do more.

But what is ‘more’? Insanity, which some define as doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results?

The EU must push the RESET button (not to be confused with the Great Reset). These are not ‘refugees’ seeking a safe state, but illegals attempting to take advantage of a ‘rich and easy’ EU. They do not belong in Europe at all and actually badly damage the cause of the small number of refugees who may actually need assistance.

Moreover, the EU is diverting resources to the futile game of trying to manage migration after entry, which is pure waste, instead of directing funds in a more efficient way to help the refugees in or closer to their homes.

In addition, the open-borders (wherever the original point of entry) and inability to deport out of Europe places an unnecessary and great burden on the many transit states.

Relocation has been a failure and is the worst possible solution for all, except for the smugglers, NGOs, and their illegal clients.

Operation Clean House involves multiple steps:

A freeze on new asylum claims until the huge backlog of illegals is deported out of Europe (not just the EU; very important). The EU must change its course from one that emphasizes relocation to one that focuses on deportation.

Until this attitude changes (and we are not optimistic that it will), the EU will continue to chase its own tail, held hostage by the actions of others.

The EU must view deportation as an investment, not an expense; after all, the illegals will not stay in Bosnia. Moreover, many of the illegals entered via an EU state (Greece) with other EU states (Germany, France, etc) as their final destination. Instead of building new reception centers in Greece or Bosnia, the EU could produce much greater dividends for all by implementing a mass deportation mechanism, combined with linking all EU aid to countries willing to take back its citizens.

Once the EU has cleaned up its own mess by clearing Europe of illegals (this could take years), if Germany desires migrants from Pakistan, they can transport the migrants directly themselves without burdening others. If Hungary does not want any migrants at all, this is their choice and it must be respected.

With great progress being made in the field of robotics (Japan, even Germany), Europe must begin to rethink the consequences of mass migration and low-skilled migrants from alien cultures.

Unfortunately, the EU has a different agenda and vision, and we believe this institution is incapable of changing at this point. It has grown too powerful and too many have a stake in the system to forfeit their positions of influence and power without a fight.

The EU may not disappear any time soon, but it will become much smaller. In the meantime, the V4 and CEE states must start planning for a future outside the bloc. Contrary to EU lingo, the sky will not fall.

Eventually, it will all come down to culture and freedom versus euros and groupthink.

Choose wisely.