Woke USA media are running a Biden protection racket

Woke USA media are running a Biden protection racket

“It’s like they (woke USA media) are running a Biden protection racket.”

“There is no actual media left in America, as Australian Sky News pointed out. It has been replaced by a propaganda machine for leftist Democrat autocrats and Silicon Valley billionaires. This is a threat to American values and individual liberties that is clear from abroad.”

Contrary to what the censors in Brussels preach, the media – full of leftist activists masquerading as the truth squad – must be challenged and held accountable at every level.

A free media requires open debate and criticism of reporters, who should expect to be challenged.

Few believe the media’s propaganda anymore, which is why they seek to censor opposing thoughts.

The profession of Journalism had reached new lows…they have no one else to blame but themselves for a lack of respect.