Ylva from Sweden gets cold shoulder promoting migrant camps in Greece

Ylva from Sweden gets cold shoulder promoting migrant camps in Greece

Despite her self-promotional tweets, Ylva from Sweden received a rude welcoming (very appropriate) from Greeks while promoting five new migrant camps.

Is the ruling party in Greece defending Greeks, or taking orders from Brussels?

Many were not happy. A prominent local official shunned Johansson, who was met with hundreds of protesters.
Despite her fake show claiming her visit was about listening to locals, Ylva already had her agenda for Greece set in stone.

North Aegean Regional Governor Kostas Moutzouris decided to cancel his meeting after reading a blog post-Johansson published Friday, detailing her reasons for visiting Lesvos.

Moutzouris was direct and on target.
“It is clear that she is not taking into account the local population and was here to discuss already received decisions,” he said.
Moutzouris said he found out on Saturday that his meeting with Johansson would include more than five people and was scheduled to only last half an hour. He called it “a pretentious meeting,” and said he sent a protest letter on Sunday to the commissioner’s office.

Moutzouris also latched onto Johansson’s insistence that the new migrant camps would be “open” facilities, a contentious issue in Greece.
“This blog was honest and Johansson said the things the way she sees them,” Moutzouris said. “She clearly talks about open reception centers [in her blog], while up until that moment we were told these would be closed facilities.”

In a press conference with Mitarachi, the Greek migration minister, Johansson stood by her position. The new camps, she said, “are not going to be closed, because we do not detain people for being migrants.”

Who is representing the interests of Greeks? Certainly not the EPP government that was elected to do so and pledged to start meaningful deportations.

They easily rolled over for the demands of an unelected clerk from Brussels.

Is this what the EU has come to?