Ylva from Sweden invents a new EU slogan for migration – ‘Europeanise’

Ylva from Sweden invents a new EU slogan for migration – ‘Europeanise’

Greece: Ylva from Sweden invents a new EU slogan for migration… “Europeanise”.
Big Ylva wants to “Europeanise” the border surrender; in other words, the EU wants to commit all of Europe to mass migration by turning illegal migration into legal migration.
Sweden is her role model? 😂
Self-respecting states should exit this woke, multicult project.

This was truly a disgraceful moment for the EPP government in Greece. They look like helpless, weak saps…getting pushed around by Eurocrats, who scold and lecture Greece regarding pushbacks. The government has allowed Brussels to turn Greece into a migrant camp.
The EU spoke of establishing hotspots in certain EU and non-EU states years ago but refused to specify. It looks like Greece, Spain, Italy, and BiH are the chosen ones.

Their own governments sold them out….but they also put all of Europe at risk by allowing the EU to use their countries as migrant processing centers to relocate illegals across the EU. They are being used.
But hundreds of thousands of aggressive male illegals have already been waved-through from Greece and Italy to others in Europe. What is this rubbish about relocations?

So sad that both major parties in Greece (and almost all in Italy) have surrendered to the forces of Brussels.