Ylva from Sweden visits Bosnia to give lectures on migration

Ylva from Sweden visits Bosnia to give lectures on migration

Ylva from Sweden visits Bosnia to give lectures on migration.

Does she favor the Swedish model? 😂

Not sure of the purpose behind this trip, maybe it was another self-promotional EU photo opportunity. She offered nothing on deportations out of Europe, which is what Bosnia (and Europe) need the most.

The illegals don’t care about the conditions, but only finding the right path to complete “their journey” to the ‘rich’ EU.

Ylva urged Bosnia to improve conditions for the illegals (mostly aggressive males of military age) stuck in the Balkan country while trying to cross Croatia to reach the West EU bloc.

Wow, comfort zones for the illegals while they design their strategy to enter the EU.

Did she promise to do anything to stop the illegals from entering Greece, an EU member state, before they continue “their journey” to the Balkans?

And what about Croatia, the last line of defense? Will she continue to attack the “pushbacks”, which are absolutely necessary to prevent entry?

It seems very odd that the EU is more concerned with helping Bosnia manage migration in an orderly way, instead of assisting the country with deportations out of Europe.

After all, hundreds of thousands of illegals have already entered the EU via the Balkans and the illegals there now do not plan on staying in Bosnia either.

Bottom line: If the illegals are not deported, they will find the EU. Maybe Ylva and the EU Commission prefer an orderly transition. 😉